The Pas – Notes from Jeff – Season 2 – Episode 5

There was something not quite right about the way our investigation in The Pas unfolded.

To this day – the interaction I had with “Eliza Murphy” has left me cold. Wondering not only what happened to the little girl, and why she remained in the bar, but also if she truly has moved on.

Many people fear that the spirits of children, are almost always NOT what they claim to be. That the purity in the soul of a child would mean that they always move on. That they are never stuck here. Some feel that when you encounter the spirit of a child – that it is actually a much more malevolent force attempting to deceive you and catch you with your guard down. To me – Eliza certainly felt like the genuine spirit of a child.

There was an oppressive and fearful presence that resided in the basement. It was almost as though whomever was there was concerned about us discovering some dark secret. A secret that we would be unable to uncover in our time there. When we first arrived – I defiantly felt a presence reach out – draw my attention to where I needed to be, and what I needed to see. As the investigation deepened and we entered the basement of the establishment, the presence backed off, becoming protective over the space.

When Bill and I were focused in the basement and the bottle was thrown – I knew there was more at play here than simply the spirit of a little girl.

The owner of the bar shared with us how whomever was stuck there –seemed to not be very fond of men. We got that message loud and clear. Eliza had become fearful – and wanted us gone, we were getting too close.

Sometimes I feel like our team, our cameras, and the bustle of a television production throws the spirit off a bit. Pushes them back, makes them uncomfortable. This is why it is so important that we carry respect for them and for the space in which they currently reside – to them this is home.

The trinkets that we found in the basement were a part of what was being protected. These little seemingly insignificant trinkets were no doubt collected, and kept by this tiny little spirit.

I once read a story about crows – who had gifted a collection of trinkets to a little girl who routinely fed them. They would leave scores of these scavenged treasure for her. In a way – this scene reminded me of the story. Here we had a very private, very special collection. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before – and a part of me wonders if I ever will again. I think this may be the only time an investigative team has stumbled across something like this, and although we can’t verify these objects were definitely collected by a Eliza – I can’t help but feel they were. The spirits of children need toys after all…

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