Jeff’s Thoughts on the Season Finale

I woke this morning, realizing that two seasons of television had evaporated. Gone by so quickly, 27 investigations, countless hours on the road, blood, sweat, tears. All spilled in the process. As I write this, I reflect upon the question of why? Why try and reach out to spirit? Why try and gain evidence of the afterlife? What central function does that serve? Who does it benefit? Is it for us? Is it for them? For me it’s both.


I’ve always been enamoured with idea, the concept of life everlasting. That perhaps we don’t have to say goodbye to loved ones, to friends, to family. That perhaps when we “pass”, we simply graduate. We “get out of class”, as famed psychic medium James Van Praagh says. That we simply transition to another plane of existence, and we continue on. Waiting for our loved ones, our family, to join us at the end of their own lives. But nonetheless some part of us does continue on.


To gain evidence of our survival after death, is why I do what I do.


Across all of the fear, across time, and physical space, I feel like I have helped notch that evidence into history. This program, APTN, my wonderful team, have all helped make history. We’ve proven (in my opinion) that the spirit world exists. We’ve proven that the soul continues on. We’ve truly connected with the spirit world.


So who benefits? As I asked in the opening.


The answer? We all do.


Beyond the benefits of being paranormal pioneers, my team and I have had many personal experiences which have helped move us all forward on our own journeys.


As a viewer – I hope we’ve managed to give you comfort. To show you that the perceived end of life as we know it, is not so. So if you’ve lost someone you’ve loved – contact is possible. Take comfort in this. Understand that the spiritual world is all around us, always, and we have the ability to communicate with that plane.


For those souls on the other side – I know we have given them a voice. We’ve allowed their stories to be heard, and for them to never be forgotten. They are etched now, on film, in pixels, and in your minds. Forever.


When they speak, and we listen, we all benefit.

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