The Pas – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 5

He started talking to a girl named Eliza who was looking for her doll. Jeff seemed to pass out, so I got word to Bill to go in. He woke Jeff and wanted them all to leave.

Day 1 – The Pas

Hey All: It was a long relaxing drive from Winnipeg to The Pas.


Unfortunately we left the good weather behind as yesterday we woke to clouds and cold winds. After visiting Joanne at the Town Centre Hotel, it was determined that trying to investigate at the hotel on a Saturday night was impossible. Monda is out too, as the place stays open from 10:30 am to 2:30am. So I flipped around our schedule and took a smaller unit out to shoot BRoll of the exterior hotel, community and area. We shot with multiple cameras on streets, along railway tracks, above and below bridges and along the river.


We also shot another scene with Tom carving his pipe and I took Bill around to the big Catholic cathedral where he found the priest and gathered some holy water and a rosary.


Today we will have the hotel bar to ourselves and we plan to do interviews, interior BRoll and a lengthy night investigation. This is our only night to investigate so we will go at it with full guns blazing, for as long as we can last and see what comes. By the stories we heard yesterday and the characters we have gathered for interviews, I hope we will be hopping.





Day 2 – The Pas


Hey All: Holy crap what a night! We started our day with Jeff and Tom doing their intuitive thing. Despite all the many stories about elderly spirits coming and going, they both got the sense of a child–a girl; Tom in the basement and Jeff upstairs. Tom found some beads and shells in a pile in a corner. Jeff was lead to a photo of the hotel a hundred years ago. Faintly in the window of the basement one can see the face of a girl.


Priscilla did an interview with Joanne and, as it was decided the whole team might be part of the night’s work, we shot her arming herself with sage, sweetgrass, rat root, amulets and so on.


Meanwhile Jeff and Bill went exploring and ended up in the basement where Tom had been. They found the beads and shells and then something threw a bottle in their direction. They have it on Jeff’s iphone. One can’t see much but one can sure hear the bottle hit a pipe and then smash and the guys freaking out.


Our new security cameras worked like a charm but we had to crawl through creepy crawl spaces and dank rooms to cable them to the basement. The whole building definitely has a heavy feeling to it.


At last we were ready to go–


Jeff and Bill started out upstairs on their own. They ran after a few shadows and sounds but soon decided the chase should go to the basement. The whole team went down. After a few false leads they ended up in the back room where some humour ensued as Tom figured the Rempod was going off in synch with his movements. I chased Bill, Tom and Priscilla out of the room. A camera followed them. Bill was anxious leaving Jeff alone in an area where a bottle had been tossed at them. Jeff tried to get a spirit to communicate with him and went into a trance. He started talking to a girl named Eliza who was looking for her doll. Jeff seemed to pass out, so I got word to Bill to go in. He woke Jeff and wanted them all to leave. But Jeff felt he had full contact and wanted to help the girl move on, as there was no doll anymore and the basement was no place for her to be. They got her last name on the Ovillus–Murphy.


Soon Jeff called for Tom, who returned with his smudge and a rattle. They tried to move Eliza along but she said on the Ovillus that she was going to the “engine room.” Bill was sent to bring her back. Tom kept the rattle going to put her to sleep and he kept smudging. Eventually she seemed to fall asleep or leave. Jeff was exhausted and had to be helped out.


It was a bizarre series of events that went from goose chases, to humour, to what seemed a deeply serious contact with a spirit. I have this notion that we should get into the investigation fairly quick and all through the fascinating adventure, occasionally cut back to interviews and bits of information, with a timeline going- like, “7 hours earlier”…”5 hours earlier”. All in all a hell of a night.




Day 3 – The Pas

Hey All: Our final day in The Pas went leisurely. We shot Jeff and Tom giving Joanne a debriefing of events the night before. They did a great job with that. Joanne was thrilled to have had us around. She later gave me a tour of a local minnow packing plant which I found interesting. We also interviewed an employee of the bar and shot some BRoll inside and out–including our van driving past an old cemetery. We have a couple of small cameras getting the sun setting right now. The cast were all feeling the effects of the night’s events. But this story is done. And a good one it is.


Tomorrow we are off, cross country to LaRonge and a few days of deserved rest. I’m going fishing with Tom.



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