A letter from Jeff

Tomorrow night viewers of The Other Side will get to witness a personal experience I had while shooting.

On a quiet street, in a quaint Canadian home, my world was flipped upside down.

Due to contractual obligations I can’t divulge exactly what took place until after the episode airs, but I’ve been waiting nearly two years to talk about the experience.

The experience shocked me to the core – and forced me to begin rethinking the path my investigative work had taken, but also my involvement in the shooting of the program.

I contemplated leaving the cast soon after this episode was shot.

At the conclusion of tomorrow’s episode the cameras went off – I spent some time with Bill Connelly and Rob King. A trip to Macdonald’s, Bills reassurance, and a flask of Irish Whiskey from our fearless leader and Director saved me that night. I was about to lose it, and they sensed it. Eventually I went back to my hotel room. It was there – while alone that the gravity of what had just happened finally hit me. I cried. I got sick multiple times. I didn’t sleep. The hotel we stayed in had a steam room and pool that opened at 6 am. After not sleeping the entirety of that night I went down to the steam room and I sat there alone with my thoughts for several hours.

At the center of my thinking was the notion that if it was possible for this to happen to me – it was possible that this could happen to members of my family. People I love and respect.

This was my primary concern. My want to protect those that I love nearly forced me to quit the show.

It wasn’t until breakfast – when I was surrounded by my “on set family” the people who worked and bled to put this show together that I made a decision. I was going to continue on – but I was going to protect myself and those around me ten fold.

I began to take my work in the paranormal much more seriously.

As you watch the episode, consider the following.

If you are a paranormal enthusiast, amateur ghost hunter, or are just interested in dabbling. I strongly caution you against trying to make contact – until you have considered the potentially negative affects of this work.

Even myself having taken every precaution, with years of experience in the paranormal under my belt – was caught off guard.

Protecting yourself and those you love should be your priority.


Jeff Richards

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  • Miles Slauson February 4, 2014  

    Any time we do a investigation we do a protection prayer before we start. And after we are done with the investigation we do a Saint Micheal pray. Every member of our team have kids and we do not want any thing to come home with us. We also get to investigate the most haunted place in Buffalo NY on a regular bases and l seen people walk out of there thinking this is a joke. Dealing with the paranormal is not a joke.

  • shawn lunn March 10, 2014  

    I have enjoyed your show !!! The production the music and the way you inner twine the episodes together and include a native perspective is amazing. I look forward to more shows!