Meadow Lake – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 7

Hey All: What a day. We waited and made calls that were never answered on the Mikisiw front. We could not move onto the next location or story because of that person’s availability and the rebooking of hotel rooms etcetera. Convinced we had to stay here and have a new plan, I went to sleep last night deciding that B plan would be an episode on orbs. By 1pm today, we called off the Mikisiw idea.


When I first came up here with Tom in May on a research trip, his daughter had been recording Tom’s grandchild playing, when a pink orb flew through the frame. At that time we isolated the video and could see a face in the orb.


Over the two seasons we have captured a number of orbs. These magical phenomena, spirit based or just light reflecting off dust, bugs or moisture, are the subject of much discussion and debate. Since the advent of digital cameras, many people, believers or not, have taken at least one picture that seems to have an orb in it. So as we were in Tom’s home community, it seemed the perfect place to do an episode on the topic, with cast discussion and debate in a variety of locations that would be interlaced with parts of our numerous investigations and some new orb footage we have captured.


We found a cool part of the forest, with lodge-pole pines and thick moss. Jeff and Bill walked through this and discussed their view on orbs. We shot Tom and Priscilla in Tom’s home, talking to his daughter via Skype about the pink orb she captured with her phone. We also shot Priscilla and Tom discussing the face that appears in that orb–that Tom has seen orbs in the bush when he was searching for missing people. In such cases, they pointed the way to the lost person, who was deceased. We also shot Tom in his yard speaking about his theory of orbs, based on his Cree upbringing–that they are spirits traveling between dimensions.


Later we tried an experiment by having Bill and Jeff in the dark near the lake. The idea was we would have a security camera running and demonstrate natural atmospheric orbs. Unfortunately our security cameras try to see as far as they can and do so by upping the gain on the distant darkness. This made for a grainy image. So we decided to hold off until tomorrow and look for an interior space with character.


We are back at it tomorrow with more discussion, a possible interview with a local woman who just captured an orb in her home and our orb demonstration–and a beautiful surprise ending.



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  • dawnio November 26, 2015  

    I didn’t realize this was a plan B it was actually a very intriguing episode. by the way I like reading these posts because it gives you a better idea of everything that is going on in the episodes! thanks for posting!!

  • The Other Side December 2, 2015  

    You’re very welcome Dawn!