The Other Side is a 13-part half-hour documentary series that follows a team of paranormal investigators who, with the guidance of an Aboriginal Elder, seek the truth behind real life ghost stories and the most unsettled spirits in Canada.

Intuitive Jeff Richards, Investigator Erin Goodpipe and Aboriginal Elder and Spirit Guide Tom Charles embark on a paranormal expedition to find out why. The team engages the spirits through a mix of technology, intuition, and Aboriginal spirituality and ceremony, all with the hope of restoring balance between our world and the world where spirits walk.
For each investigation, Jeff uses his abilities to initiate contact and reach out to the spirits, Erin digs for the story behind the story while both seek cultural guidance from Tom, who attempts to guide the spirits to the other side and restore balance and harmony. The team does their best to answer why the location is suspected of paranormal activity, who the spirit is, and why they’re communicating, while taking steps to enable the unsettled spirit to move on.
Created by Jennifer Podemski.
The Other Side – Season 6 is a production by Saskatoon’s Angel Entertainment with producers Wally Start, Doug Cuthand and Tyler Start. Directed by Saxon de Cocq, Francis Laliberte and Candy Fox.

Jeff Richards, Intuitive

Jeff is a busy father of four little boys, but he’s also a well-known mentalist and intuitive. His extremely sensitive readings of people amaze audiences and drive listeners to his paranormal radio show. But even more amazing is his ability to juggle the demands of parenting with the constant and pervasive contact with the unseen. While it’s sometimes mentally and spiritually draining, he chooses to keep sharing his gift and forging ahead – with one foot planted firmly in this world and one in The Other Side.

Photo of Jeff Richards

Erin Goodpipe, Investigator

Erin Goodpipe brings a deep reverence for the journey of life and death, sharpened by her own experiences of loss. Her openness to others’ journeys makes her a highly intuitive and empathetic presence on the team. She’s grown accustomed to hearing the question, ‘Can I tell you something I’ve never told anyone else?’ This natural connection with people has aided her lifelong search for the truth. Erin is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, researcher and playwright, and is dakȟóta and anishinaabe from Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. 

Photo of Erin Goodpipe

Tom Charles, Elder & Spiritual Guide

Legend has it that Tom’s skill as a tracker in the North doesn’t just come from experience – his keen intuition seems to come from somewhere else entirely. Every search is an attempt to heal the gaping wound of loss and bring answers to those who desperately need them. Tom keeps the show on its true path with his quiet determination to bind up loose ends and bring peace to the living and the dead.

Photo of Tom Charles

Wally Start, Producer

Wally Start owns Angel Entertainment Corporation. He’s a hands-on producer, joining in the creative process of all his projects, including features Big Muddy (TIFF 2014) and Empire of Dirt (TIFF 2013), and the series Rabbit Fall (twice-nominated DGC Best Dramatic Series). His keen eye for original ideas means he always has several irons in the creative fire; right now they include a feature (Waiting For Columbus – in development) and another series (Pet Heroes). He also owns Bamboo Shoots Inc., a commercial and post- house with offices in Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary. Bamboo Shoots produces more than 20 hours of broadcast television every month, as well as high end commercials and cutting edge corporate video.

Doug Cuthand, Producer

Doug Cuthand has been making his unmistakable voice heard for decades through Blue Hills Productions, his Saskatoon-based company, as well as through his prolific writing. Credits include the mini-series Big Bear and the stop-motion animation series Guardians Evolution. He’s directed several documentaries for the National Film Board, including The Gift of the Grandfathers (1997), Patrick’s Story (1999) and Donna’s Story (2001). His work has garnered awards at the American Indian Film Festival, the Geminis, the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association awards and the Columbus International Film and Video Festival. Doug was recently named to the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. 

Tyler Start, Producer

At Angel Entertainment, Tyler brings his fresh creative take and eye for detail to The Other Side and a number of other projects, including a documentary series that is in development with APTN, Chasing Funny. Through two seasons of the series Dirt Farmers (CityTV Saskatchewan) he’s been tilling the documentary fields and reaping some memorable prairie stories. As a lifelong devotee of cinema, he takes an interest in every aspect of carrying a show from the spark of its original idea down the long and winding road to broadcast.

Saxon de Cocq, Director

Saxon is a Metis writer and director from Southern Alberta. He has written and directed eight short films that have screened at festivals across the country, including The Invincible Sgt. Bill which aired on CBC’s Canadian Reflections program. Saxon has also written and directed many episodes, over four seasons, of the nationally broadcasted APTN TV series The Other Side. Saxon is putting the finishing touches on a neo noir short that was filmed in 2019 and is very excited to be in development on a new TV series he co-created, about small-time wrestling in the prairies.

Francis Laliberte, Director

Francis Laliberte is a Media Artist of Cree decent who started work writing, directing, and editing videos that addressed the topics of Suicide Prevention, Addictions, and Healing. Three of his short films have won 5 film festival awards.

He has experience in movies, TV and commercials as a Production Assistant, Grip, Digital Imaging Technician, Assistant Director, and Director.

Francis started as a Production Assistant and Grip during The Other Side season 3 and has directed 12 episodes and AD’d 11 episodes of The Other Side seasons 4 and 5.

Candy Fox, Director

Candy Renae Fox is an award-winning film director and actor. She is Plains Cree and Vietnamese. She is a member of the Piapot First Nation in Treaty Four Territory, Saskatchewan. Her performance in one of the first all Indigenous produced television series in North America, Moccasin Flats earned her a Best Actress award from the American Indian Film Festival Awards. In 2015 her short film Backroads was named one of Canada’s Top Ten Student Shorts. She is an alumnus of the National Screen Institute’s IndigiDocs program where she wrote and directed her most recent film ahkâmêyimo nitânis (Keep Going, My Daughter). Candy’s films have screened at festivals both nationally and internationally at Hot Docs, imagineNATIVE, LA Skins, Vancouver International Film Festival and the Wairoa Maori Film Festival.

Hannah Hermanson, Angel Entertainment