Winnipeg – Notes from Jeff – Season 2 – Episode 3

There is an archetypal figure prevalent in many investigations and “hauntings” the world over – that of the “Dark Man”. A figure that has plagued people for centuries.

Kristine – our subject in this investigation had a very similar dark man that seemed to be attached to her. Her story of seeing a man standing in her room while she slept, is not uncommon.

Initially – we couldn’t find any real evidence of the man’s existence. I began to sense that this case was about to take a very strange turn early on. Investigating these stories is incredibly complicated – and we must be aware of many factors as a team. Whether it is the simple psychology of the persons making the claims – or a very real spiritual presence – it is vastly important for us to be aware of everything going on around us at all times.

In the first two nights of our work – we found nothing. It wasn’t until late into night two that the “dark man” seemed to make his presence known by moving a very heavy physical object just as Kristine had entered the home. So what was going on here? Were we truly making contact with something on the other side? Or – was there a much stranger and perhaps more bizarre explanation?

It is entirely possible that the manifestations we experienced were driven purely by Kristine. That is not to say that she was faking or fabricating them — but that the presence was fueled by her.

Research over the years has suggested that many instances of poltergeist activity in homes – may in fact be the product of latent telekinetic powers driven from within an individual, and not spiritual in nature.

The term “poltergeist agent” has been coined. The term implies that the activity associated with poltergeists very often comes from within the individual. Kristine would often experience objects moving on their own, and even in our presence we were able to capture the phenomena.

With very little physical evidence, or evidence reflected on our equipment – we are then forced to look at the situation through the anecdotal evidence presented by the person at the center of the investigation.

My own experience in the home with Kristine, and later without her, suggested that there definitely was something “non-physical” at play. I turned towards my own intuitive skillset in order to determine what was going on in this investigation.

On the final night – I began to feel very directly, this presence with us. The amount of fear that I began to feel – and the level of intimidation that it was trying to exact on me, made me realize that we had something very powerful that was present. We needed to bring Kristine to the point where she could stop feeling the fear – as that was what was fueling this presence. I use the term “energy parasite” – as that is the easiest way I could define what this thing was. A dark mass that simply fed, and bred fear.

Did this investigation bring us closer to discovering the secret of the dark man? This figure that seems to present itself in thousands of homes each year. I believe there are still many unanswered questions – but this has drawn us closer than ever before…

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