Headingley – Notes from Jeff – Season 2 – Episode 4

Headingly was the single darkest and most disturbing site we’ve ever visited. Initially it was thought that we may have been able to gain access to the “gallows room” in the nearby prison. This room sits among the general population – and logistically just would not have worked for us.

We gained access to the cemetery though. A cemetery where 16 executed prisoners lay. The energy around the small plot of land encircled by chain link fence was unreal. I’ve never felt anything quite like it. A heaviness, a hopelessness, and fear unlike anything I’ve personally experienced before.

There had never been an investigation conducted at Headingly. We were the first team to ever set foot in that space with the central aim of making contact happen with spirit. There were no stories, no proof of anything. Just the knowledge of its existence and the secrets that lay buried there.

Though not shown in the episode – My initial contact with Peter took place at about 2pm on the day we arrived at the site. In the middle of the afternoon I began to speak to a male presence in the cemetery. I could hear him directly speaking into my ear – a phenomena that is not unusual when I am working in these sites. I decided to utilize a very rudimentary tool – a pendulum. Asking the voice I had heard to show me where he was buried. The pendulum led me directly to his burial site. That same night when the equipment began echoing the same presence and voice – I knew I had made a connection.

The connections made during this episode were startling. From multiple devices echoing the name “Annie”, to direct responses from both our K2 Meter and the capture of some photographic evidence.

Still the thing that most startled me – was the message. Here we had a man who had been convicted of a heinous crime, executed for it, and even for a moment, from beyond – he shared a simple message “Love more”.

It truly doesn’t get more powerful than that….

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