Tarot Cards & the Oracle of the Sun Deck

There is real power in the tools we use. The technical equipment holds the power to capture evidence, seize proof.


My tools hold the power to connect to the spirit. I have always loved and gravitated towards the non-technical tools. In this episode you get a glimpse at one of my favorites. The cards. Cards have been used for centuries to tell fortunes. To reveal glimpses of the future to people. The Tarot originated in the mid-15th century in Europe as a tool for card games, and games of chance. It wasn’t until the mid- 18th century that occultists, mystics, and psychics began using the tarot as a means of divination. The tool has been around for ages – literally.


The deck showcased in this episode is one of more than a dozen decks that I have. This one is the deck I favor the most. The one what is utilized by me in over 150 private sessions with clients each year. It’s a special, powerful object.


Sharp observers and those well versed with divination using cards will note that I am not using a tarot deck in the episode. My deck is known as the “Oracle of the Sun”. It’s a deck that combines the planetary alignments and houses, with astrology, and numerology. Each card features a brilliant piece of art created from old world wood cuts, and a variety of esoteric images. All of these elements combined for me create a powerful tool for divination and reflection. The cards are the fuel from which my intuitive gift sometimes draws its powers.


Like an observer in an art gallery who might sit in front of collection of paintings and draw inspiration – I sit and reflect on the cards drawing inspiration for my client. I use them in my private sessions, I use them on my weekly radio program, and I utilize them here to great effectiveness on The Other Side.


In the episode you see several things at play. A chart, cards, and a few stones. What is going on here?


Let me explain.


Firstly you should know that the cards are just that – CARDS. There is nothing esoteric or special about the cards themselves. It’s the meaning attached to each card that is important. Some practitioners get all wrapped up in the touching and handling of the cards etc. I allow my clients to touch the cards freely, to feel them, to get acquainted.


The chart you see is split into the 12 houses of the zodiac. Each space represents a certain facet of our lives. Some positions on the chart (referred to as a horary wheel) deal with aspects of health, others money, or even love.


The stones you see are meant to connect the reading to the earth, and provide the closest thing possible to a “crystal ball” for me.


The cards are shuffled by the subject, and the session begins. The cards by themselves have little meaning – but when positioned in specific houses, and next to other cards they become a beautiful tapestry for me to interpret. Truly wonderful.


A typical session lasts about 60 minutes, and allows the subject and I to focus on a very specific area of concern in their lives. Geraldine’s session was incredibly revelatory about her relationship with the charcoal man, and in return his relationship with her. I would highly recommend session work like this to anyone. It is a great way to gain clarity, focus and power. The three things I strive to give all of my clients who contact me about their futures.

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