Bekevar – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 1 – Episode 1

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Well here we go, first episode and my report from the field—


On the first night, the guys explored the place upstairs and down. Bill went into a crawl space below the church but found only cobwebs and a four-legged creature of some sort. It was funny watching and listening to him scouring his way through the dirt and muck. But we were also all on edge at the possibilities. I think we may have got a very interesting orb on camera—which seemed to come from the west side of the church, travel up an aisle and then hook a sharp right turn and float up towards an upper balcony where the guys were sitting at the time. That’s my first orb. Pretty exciting.


We went into Kipling the next day and shot some establishers, then Priscilla interviewed an 80 something year old Hungarian lady who served us warm homemade strudel. She grew up nearby and was often in the church but dismissed all ghost stories as satanic.


I had the guys interview the caretaker in his trailer as to the areas he believed were being haunted by the lady in white. I shot Priscilla wandering through so we can intercut his story with her images. Then I shot her reading a short and beautiful passage from a local book about spirits.


The guys went to the neighbouring Baptist cemetery and found two gravestones bearing the names and dates that Jeff had written down on Day One. We did a little recap of that experience as the sun was nearly gone.


So it seems our ghost is in our church but not of it. The church is the only building near to the Baptist cemetery. Jeff and Bill wanted to follow this lead tonight. Tom is here and he came up with the idea that the spirit of the woman that the caretaker sees is herself a caretaker of the place. I was a little leery of this experience as the church is a very pleasant place in a serene setting and the caretaker feels no malice from the spirit.


Anyhow we went at it tonight and damn if wee didn’t get something. Jeff and Bill had the caretaker, Jason, with them. While Bill and Jason were sitting in a pew, something banged against the back of the pew with such force that we all jumped. What Bill said may have to be bleeped.


It was decided that the church seems a rallying point for spirits—a safe haven on the prairie. The guys wrapped up with Jason and we moved on.


The place has given us a plethora of beautiful images and some creepy ones.



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