North Battleford – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 1 – Episodes 3 & 4

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Subject: Milmans


It’s been quite a ride so far.


The Milman house started out quite gently. The first night we investigated, Jeff worked with Priscilla, teaching her to use the pendulum. He took her into the basement. They each started out with a pendulum. They had some minimal contact but Priscilla said she felt a “buzz” and a push. The contact broke off.


I interviewed Priscilla about the “buzz” and she admitted she had been secretly holding a stone in her hand, and that she hadn’t told Jeff.


Bill went in alone and felt a real cold spot. He got Jeff to join him and they made contact with something that said it was a 14 year old boy. It became very aggressive and to everyone’s great shock–it scratched Jeff. Photo below. Jeff freaked a little and we shut the shoot down for the night. I am seriously falling into the “believer” camp and was a bit freaked myself.


Yesterday the team met to discuss their feelings about the incident. Priscilla accused the guys of provoking the spirit. They fended this off fairly well.


The team went investigating around town. We went with them with a mounted and a hand-held camera in the van. They tried checking things out at Land Titles. Then Bill looked for and found a Catholic church, where he hoped the priest would give him some holy water. We shot Bill going in and out of the church. The priest did not want to be on camera nor have his church on camera, but he did provide the water. While Bill was inside, the other two were sitting in the van talking about Jeff’s feelings about Catholicism. Their mics were still on, so I had a camera pointed at the van and recorded their conversation. I admitted to it later. When Bill came out and we all got back in the van, I suggested they keep driving and get down to brass tacks. So Jeff, Priscilla and Bill got into a bit of an argument/debate–over Catholic methods vs traditional.


Later we shot the team meeting with the family. They explained everything that had happened and showed them pictures of Jeff’s neck. The family was shocked but agreed that the guys proceed.


Tom arrived last night. He strongly believes there is a bear spirit involved and came with stuff to placate it.


Bill and Jeff continued with their tension and Bill moved out of their shared room. In truth it is asking a lot for two hosts to spend all day and night together and then bunk down together. The tension might be good for this episode, but could be destructive if it continues.


We’ll see what happens tonight.





Jeff Richard scratch




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From: rob king

Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 12:28 AM

To: Wally Start

Cc: Bob Crowe; Jennifer Podemski; Ell McEachern

Subject: Milman


Well, the twists continue. Check this out–


Tom comes and the team meets. He explains that he feels a teen boy with a bear spirit protector. The boy seems to have two names, an English name and an aboriginal name. He counsels the team to be patient with the spirit and that he will do a ceremony to help the boy be where he needs to be.


It was a fantastic ceremony which Mrs. Milman and her daughter took part in. Tom built a fire. They placed food in the fire for the boy. Tom had a bow and arrow. He shot three arrows to show the boy how it’s done. Then he produced a small child’s bow and arrow and showed the boy how to shoot it. Then he burned the small bow and arrow. The idea is that in the spirit world, the boy would shoot the arrow and go to pick it up, then shoot it again and go to pick it up–and so on until the boy was away. Tom had consulted with two elders back home and they suggested this approach. Then Tom did something never before seen on TV. He had four bear teeth, which he crushed up a little and put in the fire (he explained all this). The teeth were for the old bear spirit, so that it wouldn’t scratch anymore. Then he did a smudge and kept the fire burning for several hours.


By then, the team, who had yesterday been debating about Catholicism versus traditional beliefs, felt the boy had probably left. They were all moved by the ceremony and I think hoping we’d just get out of there. But I said we had set it up that we were going in and we needed an IR session to test their theory that the boy was gone. So we decided they would light a candle and apologize to the boy for angering him and see if he was still around. It seemed he had moved on. But–


They suddenly got contact from another spirit. Turned out he was the one on the first night who referred to himself as Lucifer. He was responding fast and furious on the light meter. By questioning him, the team found out he was not a spirit of that house. He was following them. At first Jeff asked if he was Miles, the hockey player from Duck Lake. He said he was, but didn’t seem to know details about himself. They accused him of lying. Eventually he told them he was Harold, the malevolent spirit they encountered at the WDM, after the boy (Daniel) there was released and after we had wrapped. (They had gone back in with Josh to see if the boy Daniel was really gone and they encountered Harold). He told them tonight he could not see them, only hear them as he was in fact still in the WDM. They told Harold to leave the Milman’s alone and they closed off the session.


We shot Bill recapping events and saying that Harold might be an ongoing problem, but they would deal with him. Thus of course, we have to go back to the WDM before this season is over and do an episode where they deal with Harold.


For at least 30 minutes of the night work, I was glued to the monitor, as if in my living room.


What an episode.


A side note–For the four bear teeth, it cost Tom two cartons of cigarettes and a beaded Denee vest. (Several hundred dollars). People do not provide receipts for trades. So can we give him some extra cash for these costs? The bear teeth were an awesome touch.



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  • Anastacia Felix February 15, 2014  

    welcome to the battlefords! lol if you are ever interested in doing more here, we do have tons more places to investigate. i strongly recommend trying to get the saskatchewan hospital to let you do a session there. this area is steeped in history, have you done any research to the area? Canada’s largest mass hanging was done here, among many other highly charged events. this area is quite ripe with paranormal energy. sorry you had to get scratched to believe, but please, always remain respectful when dealing with the spirits. i’ve lived in north battleford my whole life, if you’d like to come back, fell free to pick my brain for sites. lol