Protective Beads

When The Other Side shoots an episode, we try to have a skeleton crew on set to avoid interfering with the investigation. However, there have been incidents of the production crew being strongly affected by unknown energies while the investigations are taking place.


It is important for anyone participating in a paranormal investigation to have spiritual protection, whether they actively communicate with entities or are simply bystanders.


In Season 1, our elder Tom Charles gave an offering to all of the crew members to keep them safe during investigations. In addition to regularly smudging the crew for protection, Tom gave everyone a blue bead with white dots on it. These beads are said to be from the time of the fur trade.


protective bead


“These beads were blessed to ward of anything bad that could happen to the people – they are protection beads.” Tom shares. “There are other things that a person could wear for protection but these beads are special. I only got a limited amount.”



Our Season One hosts also had their own forms of protection. Priscilla used objects blessed by her mother while Paranorbill used his crucifix to provide personal protection during investigations. The hosts wore the beads at each location for additional protection.


If you watch carefully in the upcoming investigations for Season Three, you’ll see Jeff Richards using his bead in a unique way as a blessed pendulum for communication.


Other traditional objects for protection include:

  • Protective gemstones
  • Symbols of your faith
  • Bags of Salt to absorb negative energy
  • Holy Water


The crew was fortunate to have Tom thinking of their spiritual well-being during the investigations. What types of protection do you use?


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