Four Signs of an Entity

Although many people tend to dismiss unusual feelings, there are a few signs that you are in the presence of the other side. Our elder, Tom Charles, explains four ways that you can experience a spirit:

  1. A feeling that you can see movement or a person out the of the corner of your eye, but when you look directly is nothing there. This is often an indicator that a major event is going to happen within 4 days.
  2. Directly viewing an entity. Tom says that this most often happens in the case of family members and the entity is often simply visiting or coming with a message.
  3. Experiencing the scent of a loved one when there is no obvious source for the smell. An example is smelling the beauty cream that your grandmother used to use. This is often an entity that is visiting but is not taking a visual form.
  4. The accounts of young children. It is common for young children (before the age of 3) to have discussions with or play with entities. Listen to your child without judgement or fear. Most often, they are simply there to share a message.

Most visits from the other side are from loved ones or those bearing messages. It is common for people to dismiss these feelings or to be frightened. Tom believes that in most cases, there is nothing to be frightened of and that a person has been chosen for a visit.

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One comment

  • William Levine March 3, 2016  

    Tonight is the second time I’ve seen your show. It’s interesting. Other shows I like are The Dead Files, Psychic Investigators, and Ghost Adventures. As a psychic physical medium though I wonder why your researcher don’t try to cross the veil or boundary or open a portal, perhaps an orb-portal to have others
    from the other side return to our side?

    Will Levine
    Toronto, ON