How to Smudge with Sage

Sweetgrass and sage have long been burned by First Nations people in Canada to provide protection and blessings. Many episodes of “The Other Side” end with our elder Tom Charles and the team participating in a smudge to cleanse themselves of residual energy, and to provide healing and protection for the people affected by the paranormal activity.


Above, Tom explains that sweetgrass (also called horsetail grass) can be burned alone or with sage to provide a blessing and also for healing.


Below, He also demonstrates his methods for smudging with sage:


Step 1: Light the sage

Step 2: Take the sage smoke and wash it over your face and your hair

Step 3: Wash the smoke over your body, down to your legs

Step 4: Inhale the essence of the smoke

Step 5: Take a moment for yourself and to say a prayer for yourself and your family


This time-honoured ceremony has provided protection and blessings for our hosts and it is our hope that is has also helped entities come to peace on The Other Side.

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