Why Producer Jennifer Podemski created “The Other Side”

I have always been fascinated with the spirit world. I have been visited many times and I’ve also been used as a vessel for spirits to connect with people they love. For all of these reasons, I became obsessed with paranormal TV shows and anything to do with ghosts.


What struck me as unusual, and this happens a lot, is that I wasn’t seeing any First Nations or Native American representation in any of these shows. It seemed odd. The show was born on the very day I had that realization and I began to write. Two years later, here we are.


Thanks to our amazing investigators, a committed director and a whole lot of talented people behind the scenes, the vision I had two years ago is now a reality. If anything, I hope that we’ve brought a unique cultural edge to an already very popular genre. I hope everyone enjoys this show as much as I do. Thanks for watching. – Redcloud Studios Inc

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