More thoughts from “the Charcoal Man”

I keep a nightly journal while investigating. It helps to document my thoughts, evidence, and clear my head. Here is a rare look at journal entry I penned the night we worked with Geraldine on the “charcoal man” episode (Season 2 Episode 9)


This investigation was a huge challenge – as there was no concrete location at which we could verify activity. It is an instance of a person being haunted, more so than a location. Hauntings connected to individuals are often much more difficult in regards to evidence capture. Our approach for this case needed to be unique.


I first had set out to determine if Geraldine was the victim of a generational curse. Through a process using a pendulum and set of questions specifically geared towards determining certain present subconscious factors that may be evidence of a curse. The results of the tests were negative.


I utilize regularly the gift of human intuition for the purposes on uncovering hidden information for clients. The roots of Geraldine’s association with the “charcoal man”, and the seemingly bad luck that would befall every relationship being one aspect that was as of yet unknown to Geraldine. Through a guided intuitive reading we were able to uncover specific areas of focus as depicted in the episode.


The idea that we are able to connect with spirit psychically is at the center of this investigation.


I’m fearful that I may be taking Geraldine too far tonight…



Midnight (post investigation).


I’m writing this table end of a terrifying night.


Geraldine was taken so far down the rabbit hole of her own psyche I feared she would be lost. While my initial process began with confidence, it quickly deteriorated into madness as more and more spiritual beings made themselves known to us.


Geraldine’s vocal inflections and mannerisms changed greatly between the manifestations. Her response to the regression was truly remarkable.


Receiving validation of a spiritual presence through our Rem pod showed us the presence we all felt was beyond the confines of our mind.


Truly remarkable.


The final moment in the process when Geraldine released the energy of the session was the ultimate moment of catharsis. Incredibly powerful and moving. The spiritual energy present exploded through her. I feel she has been helped by this process…


by Jeff Richards



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