Tips for using an Ouija Board

The Ouija or “talking board” is a device that elicits a great deal of fear and many misconceptions. Many feel that Ouija boards are inherently evil and their use will have dire consequences. This could not be farther from the truth.

The first instance of using a planchette (the “pointer” used with a ouija board) to contact spirits can be found in texts dating back to 11th century China. Similar practices were also present in many other cultures through out history.

The modern incarnation of the Ouija dates back to 1890 when the board as we know it today was patented and marketed. It was given the name “Ouija” by its original creator. He claimed that the word was an Egyptian blessing that came to him while using the board but this story may have been created to build the board’s mystique. The name is more likely a simple combination of the German and French words for “Yes”. Ouija boards grew to be immensely popular from 1920 well into the 1960’s.

At the core the board is simply a piece of cardboard with letters and numbers on it. So why are people afraid of it?

Ouija boards have been glorified in popular culture and demonized by religious organizations. At one point in the board’s history there was actually a movement to have the manufacturer (Parker brothers) barred from making the boards because they were thought to be dangerous and capable of opening portals through which demonic forces could escape.

Many believe the board is capable of opening yourself and your home to evil spirits.

Think of a Ouija board like a telephone. If you were to pick up your phone and begin to randomly dial numbers one of three things will happen:

1. Nothing. You’ll dial and no one will answer. The phone may not even ring.
2. You’ll dial and someone friendly will pick up.
3. You’ll dial and you’ll get connected with a jerk.

Occasionally number 3 occurs and a malevolent spirit is contacted. In my experience number 1 is more likely – with number 2 a close second.

Used properly the board is an incredibly powerful tool. Used incorrectly it can certainly do more harm than good. Not only spiritually – but psychologically.

Please exercise caution when utilizing a Ouija device. Connections may occur and you need to ensure that you are safe guarding yourself from spiritual attacks or attachments.

Always be sure to conduct communication sessions using a Ouija board with a partner – never alone. Not only will it be easier to discern messages (which can sometimes be garbled) through the filter of two people, but you are also less vulnerable.

Always be sure to begin and end the session with a cleansing through use of smudge, salt, or your own personal ritual. Also please be sure that the spirit you are communicating with moves the planchette to “Good Bye” at the end of the session. Not doing so leaves the connection or “bridge” between the spirit world and our world open – which can lead to problems.

Also please be sure to have your own protective elements and safe guards against harmful spirits present. A small piece of obsidian, a silver cross, or protective sigil will all work wonderfully.

In a future entry I will cover the process I have found to be most successful when attempting communication using a Ouija board.

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