Jeff’s Top 5 Paranormal Investigations

We have experienced so many incredible moments on the Other Side, and captured unbelievable evidence. It is nearly impossible to try and compile any sort of “top” list – but here is my attempt! Here is a list of my 5 favorite investigations from 2 seasons, and 3 years of work in the paranormal world on The Other Side.


5) The Atlas Coal Mine

I don’t think I’ve ever been present for a more emotional reunion than the one that takes place at conclusion of these episodes. Pair this with the incredible history, the majestic scenery, and the captured activity, it easily makes the list. I would highly recommend visiting the mines just outside of Drumheller, AB if you have a chance.


4) The Borden Bridge

I will never be able to forget the sound of a crying baby coming across our PSB7. It’s burned into my conscious mind, forever. This investigation also confirmed for me the power of my own gifts with the revelation of Nicoholai’s grave site to myself and the team. I’ll never forget that day.


3) Headingly Cemetery

We have never set foot into a darker location. A site that had not been previously investigated, housing the graves of men who had been executed. This location was a recipe for unimaginable activity. A recipe that was realized.


2) The Senator Hotel

I’ve never been more terrified than my first night at the senator hotel. The moment the lamp left the nightstand (and I managed to capture it), changed my perception on what spirits were truly capable of – forever. I can’t wait to go back and uncover even more of the hotels secrets than we did The night of the LIVE broadcast.


1) Western Development Museum

The WDM was the site of our first investigation as a team. It will always be my favourite location. So many unreal things took place their. The initials “D.S” appearing on the door panel of the car.


One of the cleanest PSB7 recording ever captured (“it’s me….that’s for sure…”). The revelation of Robert Hanbidge as a spirit we’d been in contact with. The spirits put on a masterclass in how to haunt a space. It’s one of the most haunted locations in the province, if not the country. Mark my words.


by Jeff Richards

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