Bonus Videos from Season 6 – Episode 2 – Bert

Bonus Clip #1 (above): Extended footage from Jeff’s intuitive session at the Community Kitchens in Fredericton, New Brunswick, as part of the second episode of Season 6 of The Other Side. Bonus Clip #2: The team tries to use the SLS camera in their investigation at the Community Kitchen. Bonus Clip #3: The team discovers […]

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Victoria Hospital, Fredericton, NB - The Other Side TV - Ep 602

Extra Research for Season 6 – Episode 2 – Bert

History of the Victoria Health Building In 1887, through the vision and diligent efforts of Lady Alice Starr (née Chipman) Tilley wife of Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, a small cottage hospital was built.  In June 1888, the Victoria Cottage Hospital, as it was called, opened to patients.  Over the years […]

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Extra Research for Season 6 – Episode 1 – Lullaby

Metepenagiag Heritage Park Located on seated territory of the Mi’kmaq Nation in New Brunswick, Metepenagiag Heritage Park is known as the village of 30 centuries, highlighting a history that stretches back more than 3000 years. It’s also home to two national historical sites discovered by Elder Joe Augustine in the 1970s while trying to ensure […]

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Bonus Videos from Season 5 – Episode 13 – Secret Communication

Bonus Clip #1 (above): John explains some Freemason symbols to the team during a paranormal investigation at the Masonic Temple in St. John’s, Newfoundland, as part of the thirteenth episode of Season 5 of The Other Side.   Bonus Clip #2: John recalls some paranormal experiences he has had at the Masonic Temple.   Bonus […]

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512 - Loyalist House, St. John, NB - The Other Side Season 5

Extra Research for Season 5 – Episode 12 – The Lady of the House

Loyalist House, St. John, NB The well-preserved example of 19th century United Empire Loyalist architecture in New Brunswick, known as Loyalist House, is found on the corner of Germain and Union Streets in Saint John, surrounded by modern apartment buildings. The wealthy merchant David Merritt purchased the land, which at that time was just within […]

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