Our Crew

Besides our amazing onscreen talent, The Other Side boasts an impressive television crew that helps capture these delicate, intense and sometimes scary moments of interaction with the spirit world.

Wally Start – Producer

Wally Start owns Angel Entertainment Corporation. He’s a hands-on producer, joining in the creative process of all his projects, including features Big Muddy (TIFF 2014) and Empire of Dirt (TIFF 2013), and the series Rabbit Fall (twice-nominated DGC Best Dramatic Series). His keen eye for original ideas means he always has several irons in the creative fire; right now they include a feature (Waiting For Columbus – in development) and another series (Pet Heroes). He also owns Bamboo Shoots Inc., a commercial and post-  house with offices in Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary. Bamboo Shoots produces more than 20 hours of broadcast television every month, as well as high end commercials and cutting edge corporate video. 

Doug Cuthand – Producer

Doug Cuthand has been making his unmistakable voice heard for decades through Blue Hills Productions, his Saskatoon-based company, as well as through his prolific writing. Credits include the mini-series Big Bear and the stop-motion animation series Guardians Evolution. He’s directed several documentaries for the National Film Board, including The Gift of the Grandfathers (1997), Patrick’s Story (1999) and Donna’s Story (2001). His work has garnered awards at the American Indian Film Festival, the Geminis, the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association awards and the Columbus International Film and Video Festival. Doug was recently named to the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. 

Tyler Start – Producer

At Angel Entertainment, Tyler brings his fresh creative take and eye for detail to The Other Side and a number of other projects, including a documentary series that is in development with APTN, Chasing Funny. Through two seasons of the series Dirt Farmers (CityTV Saskatchewan) he’s been tilling the documentary fields and reaping some memorable prairie stories. As a lifelong devotee of cinema, he takes an interest in every aspect of carrying a show from the spark of its original idea down the long and winding road to broadcast.

Saxon deCocq – Director

When Saxon isn’t working with commercial clients, he keeps busy by writing, directing and editing his own short films. Saxon’s most recent short film, The Invincible Sgt. Bill, aired on CBC in the spring of 2017. Over the last two seasons Saxon has had the privilege to travel across Canada directing a number of episodes of the nationally broadcasted TV series, The Other Side.

Francis Laliberte – Director

Francis Laliberte is a Media Artist of Cree decent who started work writing, directing, and editing videos that addressed the topics of Suicide Prevention, Addictions, and Healing. Three of his short films have won 5 film festival awards. He has experience in movies, TV and commercials as a Production Assistant, Grip, Digital Imaging Technician, Assistant Director, and Director. Francis started as a Production Assistant and Grip during The Other Side season 3 and has directed 12 episodes and AD’d 11 episodes of The Other Side seasons 4 and 5.

Candy Fox – Director

Bio coming soon!


How The Other Side Changed My Life

Many of our team had transformative experiences during the shooting of Season 1. The cast and some of the crew talk about the ways being a part of this TV show affected them: