The Other Side: Season 8 Episodes

801 – The Pas, MB: “A Plea from the Pines”
From a two-headed calf to historical artifacts, the Sam Waller Museum in the Pas is home to hundreds of oddities and curiosities. Making contact with the spirit of a missing Indigenous woman leaves them rattled but reveals clues about her untimely death.

802 – Moose Jaw, SK: “B-A-Z-Z-O-O”
The tunnels of Moose Jaw hold dark secrets about the city’s infamous history. Wandering the intricate maze, hoping to connect with an entity referred to as the River Street Spirit, the team makes contact with trapped and unknown spirits.

803 – Fort Saskatchewan, AB: “Goes By Many Different Names”
Over 40 years, dozens of criminals met a brutal end at Fort Saskatchewan, creating a wound on the land and tethering restless spirits – including one connected to Canada’s most horrific murders. The team makes a risky decision in to help lost souls find their way to the other side.

804 – Gravelbough, SK: “D-I-A-B-L-O”
An old convent in Gravelbourg, SK is well known for its ghostly inhabitants. After something knocks a statue over during the initial intuitive walkthrough, the team braces for unexpected, and potentially dangerous encounters with the spirit realm.

805 – Winnipeg, MB: “A Mother’s Loss”
Both Jeff and Erin sense something calm within the walls of the Seven Oaks House in Winnipeg. Things are so calm that the investigation begins in eerie stillness, until the spirits reveal an alarming truth about the home’s original occupants.

806 – Winnipeg, MB: “We’re Not Alone”
One stormy night in Winnipeg, the team head into the 175-year-old Saint Boniface Museum. After getting the sense someone from the past has invited them for tea, an offering is made in the hopes of making a deeper connection to the other side.

807 – Winnipeg, MB: “Under the Veil”
Jeff, Erin, and Lee are excited about exploring the home of Louis Riel. But after a powerful energy draws their attention to a specific room, the team experiences intense sensations that shakes them to their core and deepens their resolve to help spirits find a path to the other side.

808 – Prince Albert, SK: “A Voice from the Past”
With exclusive access to the Prince Albert Historical Museum and all the artifacts inside, the team learns that spirit connections can be made through items, not just spaces. Lee is beckoned into the investigation by someone from his family’s ancient past to bless a meaningful artifact.

809 – Alameda, SK: “Is Grief Keeping You Here?”
In Saskatchewan’s southeast corner in the town of Alameda, is a small house that was once the only hospital for miles around. The investigation leads Jeff into a risky confrontation, and the team to an affirmation of their work.

810 – Fort SK, AB: “Echoes of Grief”
Exploring the Henry House in the historical village at Fort Saskatchewan, Jeff’s intuition hints towards a sorrowful spirit stuck inside. After something follows them into the house, the Investigation takes an unexpected turn.

811 – Slave Lake, AB: “I Feel You Around Us”
Below the airstrip at Slave Lake is a mass burial site, dug to manage the devastation of the Spanish Flu. Now, forgotten souls are left to wander the town and cause disturbances. But it’s a more recent spirit that sends a touching message from the other side to a local woman.

812 – Piikani Nation, AB: “Don’t Let Them In”
A long-abandoned house on the Piiakni Nation in Alberta is known for its disturbing connection to the spirit world. Jeff and the team are determined to help the spirits move on, but the encounter is like nothing they’ve experienced before, leaving them rattled to the core.

813 – Kawacatoose First Nation, SK: “We’re Not Leaving”
After years of trying to deal with a menacing presence in her home on the Kawakatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan, a fan reaches out to Jeff and the team as a last-ditch effort for help. What they discover, however, will change this fan’s life forever.

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