The Other Side: Season 6 Episodes

601 Metepenagiag Heritage Park, Red Bank, New Brunswick: “Lullaby”

Unrest at an ancient Mi’kmaq burial site puts the team on high alert – but the playful spirit they find needs their help. Local elders make an unexpected connection. Bonus materials for Episode 601…

602 Community Kitchen, Fredericton, NB: “Bert”

A community kitchen serves up a mysterious presence; a cook enlists the team’s help to find his old friend on the other side, and to their surprise they discover he’s not alone. Bonus materials for Episode 602…

603 Dorchester Jail, Dorchester, NB: “Mother Dearest”

A tangled web of kidnapping, murder and execution traps the spirits of two young brothers and their mother in an old jail. As the team sets out to restore peace, a heartbreaking personal connection is made. Bonus materials for Episode 603…

604 Wilson’s Point Historic Site, Miramichi, NB: “Seeking Refuge”

The team encounters a spirit from the 1600s with fierce maternal instincts and a broken heart. To help her, they must piece together the puzzle of her tragedy and loss. Bonus materials for Episode 604…

605 Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, New Brunswick : “The Bishop’s Wife”

A ghostly female form is known to haunt a majestic gothic cathedral – the team makes a connection and is shocked by her true identity. Bonus materials for Episode 605…

606 Orange Lodge, Twillingate, Newfoundland & Labrador: “Lost at Sea”

A picturesque seaside town is beset with angry spirits; to find out why, the team enlists the help of a local, who’s fluent in Newfoundland slang, to connect with a fellow fisherman lost at sea years earlier. Bonus materials for Episode 606…

607 LPSU Hall, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador: “My Buds”

A young punk rocker gives a shout-out from the other side to encourage his friends in the arts scene; but the connection is interrupted by a more sinister message. Bonus materials for Episode 607

608 Théâtre Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB: “The Fall”

Jeff senses the presence of a lost child in a beautiful old theatre; however, the spirit attempts to force a personal connection that sets Erin on edge. Bonus materials for Episode 608

609 Ministers Island, St Andrews, New Brunswick: “The Dinner Party”

A railroad magnate’s mansion relives its past glory with a spectral dinner party. As the spirits gather for brandy, cigars and billiards, the appearance of an imposing spirit signals the end of the party. Bonus materials for Episode 609

610 L’anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland & Labrador: “One True Norseman”

The team investigates a 1000-year-old Viking settlement in northern Newfoundland; laughter, tears and music are shared around a fire as the team ‘has a time’ with a beloved spirit. Bonus materials for Episode 610

611 McNabs Island, Nova Scotia: “If You Go Into the Woods…”

On an abandoned island dotted with fortress ruins, spirits taunt the team with cryptic messages; a young man has an intense experience with the other side. Bonus materials for Episode 611

612 Peggy’s Cove, NS: “Return of Lucky”

In the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, a familiar trickster spirit plays cruel mind games with the team and threatens one of them; they ask an elder to help them banish it. Bonus materials for Episode 612

613 Recap: “Lucky”

The team explores their battle with the malevolent spirit that’s dogged them for six years, since the show’s very beginning; Tom reveals his personal struggles. Bonus materials for Episode 613