Virden – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 2

The spirit they soon contacted and conversed with over several hours is a young aboriginal man who says he was murdered for kissing the daughter of his employer.

Day 1 – Virden

Well gang we arrived at the farm in Virden in great weather. This being the first story we are shooting this season, with some new crew in tow, I thought we might need some time to synchronize ourselves. But the technical team fell into a rhythm pretty quick.

Darryl and I went in the house to find a camera position to shoot our vehicles arriving. A toy in the upstairs bedroom immediately went off. We tried to film it but it stopped. When we walked away it started again. This went on several times. All the rest of the day various toys in various rooms went off, but never with a camera pointed at them. Everybody was impressed and intrigued.

The team investigated many parts of the house, barn and property in daylight. Tom did a little smudge out back of the barn. Later he and Bill went exploring in the bushes and came across a skunk. Unfortunately so did one of the family Rottweilers, which immediately attacked and killed the skunk. Then he kept playing with the body and trying to bring it to us. Bill and Tom got sprayed a bit in the melee. We had to lock the dog in an old trailer and Tom packed up the dead skunk and disposed of it. Pretty damn funny for the rest of us.

We got some great time lapse shots of the sun going down and found some markers for various animal graves in the trees.

When we got into the night work the whole team participated. Unfortunately except for a few blips on the SB7 and the odd temperature change, not much happened. Various team members tried a number of things but to no avail. It was frustrating for them and felt like whatever presence might be there had backed off. The best activity we experienced was in daylight, with all the toys going off, yet never when we pointed a camera at them.

So we decided to call it a night and re-think our approach.

We let the dog out of the trailer before we left. He was happy.




Day 2 – Virden

Hay All: Day 2 at the Virden farm started out quietly enough and then turned crazy good. We shot some BRoll and interviewed the couple, who gave us some history of the farm and the goings on there. I had John record the eldest daughter (about 5 years old) sing and talk–thinking this may be a way to draw out the spirit as it seems protective of her.

Most of us went to the local cemetery and shot Priscilla and Tom checking things out there. Meanwhile we had Jeff and Bill investigate further in daylight with the small prosumer camera. They got some activity in the basement and followed that upstairs with Priscilla in tow. Darryl went in with a big camera and things really started to unfold. Soon Tom was called in. We got the second camera in and then everyone trooped off to the barn. The whole event lasted three hours, the highlights of which are–

The basement and house wiring were giving off heavy duty EMF readings, which can be harmful to humans and arguably serve as an energy source for spirits. The spirit they soon contacted and conversed with over several hours is a young aboriginal man who says he was murdered for kissing the daughter of his employer. He was buried out back of the barn in an unmarked grave and has remained with the house since. Since our family moved in, he has fallen for young Gracey. He also said there were five other spirits, he is afraid of Tom who reminds him of his abusive father and he doesn’t want to be moved on.

He claims this happened in 1924 and seemed surprised to know that 90 years have passed.

We are fact checking some names and dates tomorrow to corroborate this story. The family name did appear on a headstone in the local graveyard and were written down by Jeff before we ever arrived at this location. This also completely lines up with feelings Tom had when we visited here in May–that there was a body buried in the back field. We plan to record a team meeting, allow Bill to try and make contact again, more for paranormal “science” reasons (to find out more about what it is like on the other side) and then have an interdenominational ceremony to try and move this young man on– along with the other spirits. This family asked for our help and our objective is to bring some peace to their home.

I also started a series of “interludes” where we will see Tom carve the Other Side pipe out of stone during our travels.

Everyone was so excited afterward it was hard to focus in on a plan for the final day. A night’s rest and some team discussions will help us get through the final day. It’ll be a challenge for Jackie in editing as so much happened.




Day 3 – Virden

Well we have an episode in the can and good luck to us editing it to 22 minutes. The day came in windy and cold and stayed that way. We started in the cemetery with a team meeting–this so we were nowhere near the farm where we could be “heard.”. It was decided Bill and Jeff would try to re-establish contact but that the main priority was to help this family. In preparation for a possible ceremony, Tom produced a buffalo horn and had the team take turns getting it full of dirt from the cemetery–the idea being this was sacred ground.

We went to the farm and the guys started to try and re-establish contact in the house. But to them the place seemed empty and it certainly was quiet. They moved to the barn with no further luck. They had Priscilla join them in the barn and that didn’t net any contact either. They felt the spirit was hiding and so decided it was time to move him and the others along. During this time Tom had made a dreamcatcher with willow wood from the farm. He and Bill then sealed and protected the house, barn and other buildings with the sacred earth from the cemetery, salt and with a smudge. The dogs were very interested in this and followed the guys throughout.

Then Tom and Bill went into the house, a part we did not shoot. but we did record the audio. They smudged inside and said they felt they had cornered some spirit in the last room, which went up through the ceiling and ran across the roof. Even John said he could hear what sounded like footsteps. This was recorded.

After the ceremony, Tom and Jeff met with the farm owners in their kitchen and explained all we had discovered and what we had done. Tom presented them with tobacco and the dreamcatcher to help the children and Britanee with their nightmares, especially Gracey. We left cold and tired and hopeful. A few hours later Britanee (the mother) called and asked if she could bring young Gracey by to talk to Tom. The girl was perturbed and misunderstood her mother when she said the spirit had “gone home.” Tom spent time with her and tried to reassure her the home was safe.

Time to move on to another adventure.



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