Waskesiu – Director’s Notes from Rob King – Season 2 – Episode 9

Day 1 – Waskesiu

Hey All: Today we moved south to Weyakwin/Waskesiu. I had some trepidations as this story is based around a woman who may have some sort of spirit following her, or connections to several spirits. But none of these are tied to a location and in her mind may have something to do with events seven generations ago and perhaps further back.


I left the crew to get shots of Tom, Bill and Priscilla fishing, some wilderness BRoll and a pipe segment with Tom. Meanwhile Jeff and I drove back north from Waskesiu to Weyakwin to meet with Geraldine. She is visiting at her mother’s place of business and staying above it with several family members. I took Ryan with us and he shot Jeff driving and speaking about the story. After talking to Geraldine for awhile and meeting her family, it was decided we would start tomorrow in a rented space in Waskesiu, where the full team would meet Geraldine and hear her story. Later, Jeff will do a card reading with her, which we will also shoot–a first for us.


We have a bigger plan for the following day but have not yet broached that with her.
I think it is going to be an interesting episode with someone willing to participate and set once again in a beautiful place.


By the way, I see the fishing shot as a metaphor for what we do–attempt to catch spirits with various sorts of lures. Sometimes unsuccessful at first, we change lures and move on.


More tomorrow.





Day 2 – Waskesiu

Hey: Day two was really an amazing day. Murray and I ran around in the morning and, despite the township of Waskesiu largely being shut down for the season, we managed to find the Chamber of Commerce guy who rented us the old community hall. It’s a beautiful log building. We shot the whole team meeting with Geraldine in there.


We shot Geraldine walking along the beach as white caps rolled in–another fitting metaphor. Then Jeff did a reading with Geraldine that was totally fascinating. The cards really seemed to line up with her life experiences. No idea right now how we are going to compress the hour long session.


Geraldine has agreed to undergo a hypnosis based session tomorrow, to perhaps put her in touch with her dark man. We will do this in IR. Bill will have his gear on. Priscilla will be monitoring on camera and Tom will be in the scene too, ready as a spiritual safety net.


We got lots of great BRoll and time lapses. Later we shot the final scene we needed for the orb episode.


Tomorrow is a big day in terms of the psycho/spiritual territory we will tread.




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