Extra research & update for Season 3 – Episode 8 – Drive

When our loved ones die, we may still speak to them in hopes that they just might hear us. But how often do they stick around to talk to us? It may be more often than we realise.


In fact, some of the most touching stories about spirits are those that involve our loved ones who are still there keeping an eye on us.


Family ghosts are a common occurrence in the paranormal world and for centuries people around the world have held such beliefs. Such spirits may be there to protect their family members, to continue interacting with them even if it may be in ways that are misunderstood and feared by the those still living, or simply because they are curious about the family and want to stay connected.


Robyn alone in the Red RoomRobyn Matthews, though grown up now, was one of many children who have been visited by spirits of relatives. Children can often be more receptive than adults since they haven’t been taught to be skeptical; they simply accept the appearance of spirits as they are, even if they may be frightened.


It didn’t take long for Robyn and her mother, Bev Matthews, to figure out that the spirit who had long been haunting their home was that of Harold (Harry) Green, Bev’s grandfather and Robyn’s great-grandfather. There was little doubt that Harry was a spirit who was very familiar with the family, especially Bev. He was able to answer questions about her childhood memories, such as the fact that he would keep coins in his pockets for her and take her driving. He even mentioned her maiden name, Green, which is his family name.


The spirit of Harry Green displayed many of the typical signs associated with spirit activity. Its presence, which made the K-II energy detector shine very brightly, was strong enough to cause changes in the air temperature beside a person, making it feel suddenly very cold or warm, for example. He was even able to touch Bev, typically pulling at the back of her neck. Ghosts are known to use physical signs to communicate, such as giving someone goose bumps or tingles, breathing on them, or touching their neck.


Some people may find such interaction with a spirit disturbing or even frightening, but for many people, including Bev, communicating with the spirit of a loved one is a special experience, even a blessing. Some people even believe there are ways to encourage these moments.


Bev and Robyn hope that Harry’s spirit will move on to the other side, but if he decides to stay, at least now they know he’s a more than just a friendly ghost; he’s a family ghost.


–Sarah MacDonald

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