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Extra research for Season 4 – Episode 6 – I Know You Still Hear Me

Your loved ones are not gone. They are there with you whether you notice them or not. Spirits are formed from energy and not all spirits have the energy to let you know they are with you. They will communicate with you in a way that will catch your attention but use the least energy.


Don’t be fooled though. Some of the entities that may visit are just not nice. They may even be someone you know that has decided to make your life miserable. Let them know they are not wanted and even ask your other loved ones that have passed on for help. For particularly nasty entities you may want to call in professionals.


One of the most common ways they let you know they are around is to visit you in your dreams. When you’re sleeping your brain is slowing down and sorting out the problems of the day. This is the time when your loved one finds it easy to communicate with you and impart their message of love or insight.


If you were very close with your loved one when they were alive you may be able to sense their presence now that they are gone. This is called Clairsentience or the ability detect the spirit of a person by feeling. You might just feel a change in the air, the hairs on your arms or the back of your neck sticking up, or even sensing that someone is sitting beside you.


Even if you are not aware of it everyone has a certain aroma that defines them. This is called Clairscalience or the ability to detect aromas filtering through from the other side. You smell these things every time you see your loved one but it doesn’t really register in your mind. After they are gone you may walk into a room and all of a sudden smell your grandma’s perfume or your grandfather’s cigar. That’s just another way of them letting your know they are with you.


Then there are the spirits that just want to let you know you are not alone. They may manipulate the lights or other electrical objects, move items that peak their interest, or just place items, significant to them, in an area where you can see it. It may be a deceased loved one but it doesn’t have to be a person you know. It may have been a past resident or just someone that is interested in what you have.


Whatever the reason notice that someone is trying to communicate with you and acknowledge them. Tell them you know they are with you and welcome their presence.


If you want to find out more about “Clair” senses go to The Eight (8) Clair Senses: A Visual Guide to the Spiritual Psychic Senses


— Joanne Schiavoni


Photo credit: Joanne E. Schiavoni (2008) St. Norbert Heritage Park, Winnipeg, MB  

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